Backing Up Domino Notes to AWS

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Workflow Studios is proud to offer a new solution for backing up Domino Notes Storage Facility (NSF) data to Amazon Web Services (AWS), while also gaining a disaster recovery (DR) server.

Our AWS Cloud Formation template creates and provisions the following items:

  • a new AWS EC2 instance with CentOS and Domino 10.x installed
  • EBS volumes for OS, Domino, Domino Data, and optionally transaction logging
  • 2 S3 buckets, 1 for daily backups, 1 for monthly backups
  • retention policies for the S3 buckets to purge daily backups after 30 days and to move monthly’s to Glacier for long-term storage
  • IAM role and policy for EC2 instance to access the 2 S3 buckets

Cron jobs are setup on the server to shutdown the Domino server, backup all NSF, INI and ID files to the daily S3 bucket, and additionally NTF files to the monthly bucket, and then restart Domino.

The next step is the Domino server setup, and database replication for backup. With a DR server in place, ‘important apps’ are accessible should anything go wrong.

So what’s all this bliss going to cost? Depending on your current Domino software licensing, maybe nothing on the licencing side (consult Sue, our licensing guru, to be sure). AWS costs for the EC2 and storage could vary depending on the amount of data you’re working with, but likely less than $200/mo and probably less than $100. One client’s cost fell under $50 per month. Add $500 for Workflow Studios to run through the setup for you, and that’s it.

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