Migrating Logisticorp's SaaS Solution to the AWS Cloud

"Very thorough and helpful - worked well as a team - very knowledgeable on the AWS tools and offerings and worked with us to understand and implement the best solutions for our needs. They worked very successfully on migrating our older SQL data to the new AWS servers."     – Ed Franco, VP Customer Solutions

About Logisticorp Group   

Based in Grapevine, TX, Logisticorp Group (LCG) provides supply chain solutions, inventory management, dedicated material handling, and associated transport solutions to major corporations and governments requiring dedicated services. Operating in 13 states, with more than 500 employees, the Logisticorp Group of Companies serves Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Nokia, Texas Instruments and Oncor Electric Delivery.


The Challenge

LCG’s on-premises and local data infrastructure was aging but the cost of replacing servers and routers would be high. Even if replaced, the ongoing challenges of patching operating systems, monitoring security threats, and maintaining 100% uptime would pose a challenge to existing IT staff. LCG wanted to spend their IT budget more effectively, focusing on application development rather than administrative staff for internal infrastructure. Further, LCG sought a way to monitor resource use on a per-customer basis; something they could not do locally due to multiple-customer applications sharing server space.

The Solution

Workflow Studios migrated the windows-based applications to individual production (and testing) EC2 servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dedicated subnets allowed LCG to accurately monitor utilization. Deploying applications into 2 Availability Zones ensured high uptime and responsiveness. Adding Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Global Protect applications brought world-class threat protection to the enterprise. See our separate case study about their database migration.

The Benefits

From a business perspective:

  • LCG can accurately monitor per-company utilization and start realizing revenue for their applications on this basis.
  • IT spend is more predictable and no longer includes budget plans for hardware refresh cycles.
  • Business continuity is more reliable with the redundancy of the AWS network instead of private hosting.

From a technical perspective:

  • Uses AWS CodeDeploy to manage application code versions and related deployment to the production servers
  • PAN introduced thorough threat protection
  • AWS EC2 windows server image allows for extremely rapid spin up of new applications as needed
  • AWS Availability Zones provides fast application response through load balancing and fail over
  • AWS Lambda Functions report on development and test servers’ utilization and windows of operation
  • Migration to RDS for managed SQL Server operations eliminated worries over administration and backup

More About AWS Solutions from Workflow Studios

WFS is an AWS partner providing AWS solutions since 2015. Specializing in cloud migration and serverless architectures, WFS combines 20 years experience with enterprise software solutions from IBM and Microsoft to deliver value to corporations facing upheaval and change in their approach to IT. 

Next Steps

To learn more about AWS and WFS can help your business, visit http://www.workflowstudios.com/aws.