In the last decade, moving company infrastructures off-premises to the cloud has become more and more cost-effective and a smart business move for enterprises to pursue. The feature most commonly sought today is the migration of email, and we have experience in implementing such migrations with both Microsoft Office 365 and IBM SmartCloud. Take a look at our sections on these vendors for more information.

Driving factors for making the move to the cloud include:

  • Security – state of the art, up-to-date protection provided natively by the vendor
  • Elasticity – the ability to scale or failover your backend services to meet current circumstances
  • Collaboration – providing access to your employees, partners, and customers globally
  • Expense – reduce your spending by offloading menial tasks to allow your admins more focus on what they do best

Let us help you assess the right blend of these facets to help you realize the best possible return on the investment required to make this move.