Why do companies invest in custom software development?

All to often, they don’t and for several good reasons:

  • Software development is not their core competency, making execution challenging and costly
  • Software requires continuous support and maintenance
  • Good software development demands a specialized skill set

Mass-produced software makes sense for some companies. However, one-size-fits-all software often fails to deliver. Custom software sets businesses apart, expanding operational capabilities, and giving them a definitive advantage over competitors.

Let our experienced developers explore your unique needs and bring your individual processes to life. Workflow Studios has engineered custom solutions for a multitude of enterprise software systems and department requirements. We can provide extensions to existing core systems, as well as modify third party software to meet current requirements.

Our custom development outcomes can:

  • Reduce cycle times - often between 30-75%
  • Increase process visibility
  • Provide working process insight
  • Track process instances (say a Request for Quotation): who has it, how long have they had it, what's the next step
  • Present analytics and maintain accountability
  • Measure expected time versus actual time for each process step
  • Identify specific employees/departments causing or impeding progress

See how we approach mobile development and web development.