Our staff are very experienced consultants and technologists, averaging about 20 years of IT consulting each. We've been in business for over 15 years, surviving the tech bubble, the housing bubble, and the outsourcing bubble. We know who we are and what we can do, while always interested in learning something new. We truly like discovering and solving problems for customers, and making sure they're taken care of. With that type of investment in our work, we choose our clients carefully. Life is too short to work with fools.

Bring us the IT/business problems you're passionate about getting solved. We'll be just as passionate about making it happen. While WFS can't solve global warming, we can feel like we're making a difference by harnessing our talents and skills to help you. It’s what gives us purpose.

Senior Technical Consultant
Tom has specialized in Lotus technologies for over 20 years. His broad project experience includes designing and administering Domino infrastructures…
Senior Technical Consultant
David is an experienced, certified, and effective consultant. He’s been using IBM Lotus technologies to deliver quality solutions for nearly…