The decision to migrate your current infrastructure to the cloud is not one to be taken lightly. Workflow Studios can guide you through the business processes, infrastructure savings, and migration tools you need to determine whether cloud migration is right for your business.

By far the most common element selected for migration is email infrastructure. In cases where you need to migrate data from non-Microsoft mail systems, Workflow has the expertise and partnerships to move content as quickly and safely as possible.

Whether or not administrative staff take an active role in migrations or end-user support, Workflow can provide user support and training on how to use a new mail or web interface.

Workflow can establish a structured communications process for the end user to enable a successful migration. We can help keep help desk calls to a minimum while ensuring the migration remains a positive experience for your business.

Some past vendors include:
Binary Tree  – CMT 
Transend – Migrator
BitTitan – MigrationWiz