Workflow Studios is a boutique IT firm run by a team of master consultants and highly experienced IT architects. We provide software and consulting services to corporate and business unit managers. We fulfill a critical role helping teams find solutions to business problems, and then provide the expertise to implement them. We average about 20 years of experience each, so it’s safe to say we’ve seen more than a little bit of everything.

One size does not fit all. Technology is ever-changing, and it can be difficult to decide what meets your company’s needs in the most efficient manner. We at WorkFlow Studios will consider time, cost, long-term returns and what flows perfectly with your company.

What happens when you combine talent, personality, dedication and personalization? Work happens, projects are finished, new technology is implemented, and teams are supported. WorkFlow Studios knows the importance of providing in-house staff that understands your company’s needs.

Feeling frustrated? Often it takes a second set of eyes on the big picture to see what’s not working. We are here to look, listen and evaluate, and then combine your knowledge with our insights to create lasting solutions.

Domino V10 Post-Event Announcements and Offers

Thank you for registering and/or attending the Dallas V10 Launch event! There were a lot of announcements and offers, so…

Notes 10 webinar and launch events in October

Some exciting previews of Notes 10 capabilities came out of Boston last week, including Domino General Query Facility, NERD and…

IBM Watson Workspace and Oblong Mezzanine

On May 10th, we are co-hosting a very special event with Oblong Industries and IBM. It’s a showcase demonstration of…

Domino, Java Agents, TLS 1.2: a how to

Due to a payment gateway vendor requiring TLS 1.2 on all transactions starting May 1st, we had a client who…

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