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We are an IBM Premier Partner helping clients achieve excellence in three key areas: Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Process Management. For over a decade, we’ve been helping people in all sorts of industries share information, streamline business processes and make better business decisions.

We provide IBM software and expert consulting services that help your company innovate, share, collaborate, make decisions and implement processes efficiently and effectively. For over a decade, our products and services have helped clients become more innovative, productive and competitive.

Platforms for Success

Our products and services are focused on providing three essential elements of business innovation and success:

  • A collaboration platform that provides easy to use distribution and discovery of information and ideas in your organization.
  • A business intelligence platform that helps you use your wealth of data and tooling to make informed decisions.
  • A process management platform that helps you implement decisions and best practices and perform them efficiently all the time.


IBM uses the term Social Business to encapsulate the collaboration idea. The key benefits we see in this area are an increased ability to:

  • Find expertise or competing opinions and ideas quickly and transparently.
  • Share information easily and naturally.
  • Provide focus to specific topics, projects or areas while still fitting into the larger context of the organization.

Business Intelligence

We have great tools for organizing and aggregating data and making it available for insightful analysis to drive decision making.

  • Help make sense of reams of historical records.
  • Analyze current transaction data without affecting live transactional systems.
  • Give end-users access to fast running drill-down tools that give both overview and detail analysis.

Process Management

Once we know what to do, it’s important to efficiently optimize our processes for delivering on it. Our process management tools:

  • Help define the actual process steps in graphical formats easily understood by all.
  • Initiate and complete work across functional teams in the most efficient way possible.
  • See into the process and audit results for process improvement.

Let’s make excellence happen, together.

We’re a Premier IBM Business Partner with a staff of talented, creative IT engineers, consultants and software specialists. We have the experience, expertise and products to take your current in-house technology and transform it to help you get the most out of your workforce, customer relations and marketing.

If this sounds like a mighty big promise, it is. But it won’t take long to show you how we can help your company make excellence happen! Click here for a free consultation.



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