It's in the name. It's what we do. WORKFLOW

When we're talking about workflow, @WorkflowStudios, we're talking about automating business processes and executing instances of those processes. The industry likes to differentiate between workflow and BPM, Business Process Management. In general, the definition of workflow is centered around a state engine that pushes a process from one step to the next. With BPM, it's much more about standards, model-to-code, complete enterprise integration and a full suite of tools. More often than not, the words "big", "expensive", and "time consuming" come into play when the conversation revolves around BPM. While we're happy to use BPM where it's appropriate, our experience shows that, many times, all you really need is a good workflow solution.

What are some workflow examples? How about:

  • Request for Quotations
  • Vendor Purchase Order Approvals
  • Expense Report Approvals
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Website Content Approvals
  • New Hire Process
  • Job Posting
  • Quality Control
  • Provisioning

Workflow and BPM systems Workflow Studios can leverage:

  • ProcessIt!
  • Sharepoint
  • Nintex
  • K2
  • Activiti
  • jBPM
  • IBM Business Process Manager

As you know, there can be thousands of processes going on in a business at any given time. Some are mundane, some are simply painful, some are absolutely mission critical. But it is the ones that are costing money, productivity, or customer satisfaction that our clients typically want to repair. At Workflow Studios, our top priority is determining how we can most effectively automate a process. We look at the tools the customer already has and the requirements of the project in question, then determine what systems can most effectively handle the job.

Ask us about the hundreds of workflow projects we've already implemented for customers. We've probably done something similar to your requirements before.