For over a decade, WFS has been helping businesses share information, streamline processes, and make informed decisions. We optimize communications and workflows to resolve collaboration and process problems. Our vast software knowledge allows us to identify and implement technical infrastructure and development solutions that fit your company’s unique needs.


After consulting with focus groups, your marketing team has created a product directive:

"We need a bike that lets couples compete with each other."

Great! But the design and manufacturing teams interpret the idea as couples doing something like this:

As implausible as this scenario sounds, such issues frequently arise. When multiple departments are involved in a single process, collaboration becomes a key component to success. So what are the chief collaboration failure points?

  • Individuals or departments with competing motivations
  • Inadequate communication between departments
  • Difficulty bringing relevant team members together
  • Divergent understanding of process
  • Insufficient resources or knowledge of resource requirements

Your business doesn’t need miracles, vast sums of money or wholesale corporate culture change, but the simple recognition that something could be work better.