We’re a specialty IT business that’s laser focused on making companies more productive and efficient through proper use of software tools. For over a decade, we’ve been helping people in all sorts of industries share information, streamline business processes and make better business decisions.

Imagine this:

After talking with focus groups, your marketing team has created a product directive saying,
"We need a bike that will let couples compete with each other."
In the current market, this seems like a great idea. But then your design and manufacturing teams take this to mean that couples will be doing something like this:

As implausible as this scenario may seem, issues like this occur in business all the time. Whenever multiple people are involved in separate aspects of a business process, collaboration becomes a key component to success. So what are the primary collaboration failure points?

  • Individuals or departments having competing motivations
  • Inadequate details provided in communications between departments
  • Difficulty in bringing relevant team members together
  • Different understandings of how something works
  • Insufficient resources or lack of knowledge of resource requirements

Take the classic dynamic of any call center. The motivation to provide great customer service competes with the need to maximize the number of calls an agent can process while minimizing support costs. Customer Relations prioritizes making customers happy while the Budgeting Department is more concerned with keeping staffing costs down. Each department tries to create processes to reach its goals, while customer service agents on the call center floor spend valuable time feeding these processes instead of answering calls and providing service. In the end, everyone is worse off, especially the customer.

So how does Workflow Studios help you with collaboration problems?

  1. We have 20 years of experience helping enterprise business customers identify their collaboration and process problems.
  2. We facilitate the discovery and understanding of how optimum communications and workflows would improve the business.
  3. We have vast knowledge of a spectrum of software tools that allows us to identify those that would best fit your company’s needs.
  4. We have extensive experience implementing technical infrastructure and undertaking any needed software development.

The end results astonish our customers. An environment where entire cross department teams have access to all the information they need, whether in the office or on mobile; where business processes are clearly visible and understandable at the click of a button; where accountability, assumptions of workload and time requirements are easily validated through instance metrics and reports—this is what we create and this is what you can expect.

It doesn’t take miracles. It doesn’t take vast amounts of money or wholesale corporate culture change. It takes recognition that something could be better and guidance on how to achieve it. Workflow is here to help you.