When you need extra staff to cover short-term absences or to carry out special projects, consider calling in Workflow Studios. Your company will avoid lengthy hiring processes and payroll costs associated with finding and hiring additional staff. We bring in more highly skilled talent than you would typically be able to retain, and help roll out new features, functions and programs, before transitioning the day-to-day operation back to your internal teams.

Consider the following benefits of our placement and augmentation service:

  • Cost – pay for the right skills at the right time
  • Adaptability – increase your team’s ability to adapt to workflow changes with the introduction of field experts
  • Priority – prioritize the most important work while delegating minor tasks
  • Risk – maintain total control of your business without outsourcing entire projects
  • Shrinkage – your teams remain stable as you avoid the “train and lose” talent scenario.

Contact Workflow Studios to see how our highly trained technical consultants can elevate your team.