Domino Disaster Relief & Backup Solution

Workflow Studios has created a fast-path solution for companies looking for a cloud-based, Disaster Relief and backup solution for their Domino infrastructure.

Utilizing the power of AWS, Workflow has generated an AWS CloudFormation template that creates the following:

  • a VPC and public subnet in the customer AWS account
  • an EC2 instance from an image with a Domino server and backup scripts
  • an IAM security role used by the Domino server instance to perform backups to S3
  • 2 S3 buckets, 1 for daily and 1 for monthly backups with an aging policy for moving older data to AWS Glacier.

With this in place, Workflow can create a new server ID and configure the DR server and replication of company databases.

Cron jobs for automatically shutting down the DR server, copying NSF, ID and INI files are already in place to run daily at 1am, and monthly on the 1st day of the month, but can be tailored to your schedule.

Contact Workflow Studios at sales@workflowstudios.com for pricing and to schedule your deployment.