No one wants to install or maintain a distinct end-user client.

So by default, almost all development these days is, ultimately, "web development". But all that really means is that the user interface is delivered via a browser. What about the guts of the application—its business logic, its database, its routing?

There are a wide variety of systems out there that produce web interfaces. Workflow is capable of delivering on any of these, according to what's appropriate for your environment and your project. Most of the time, companies don't need applications that have been created in a vacuum. A new application will use data that already exists in the company or add data to existing systems—or both. It will connect to account systems with pre-existing users (like your corporate directory in Active Directory) or make projects that are already up and running easier to collaborate on. Typically, certain platforms are already supported by an organization’s IT department. All of these things influence what technology stack will be appropriate for a given project. We can help you sort that out and determine what will work best, then help you get it up and running.

Here's a list of some of the technologies we are currently working with:

  • IBM Websphere and other java-based containers
  • Microsoft .NET and SharePoint
  • Open source frameworks/stacks like:
    • Meteor
    • MEAN
    • Node.js
    • Angular.js
    • Bootstrap
    • Ruby on Rails
    • jQuery

Find out what solution is right for you.