automotive assembly line


Our expertise and experience crosses all major manufacturing segments. We’ve helped companies in aviation, fluid & pneumatic control, surgical instrument production and motion control, to identify a few.



  • identify roadblocks to line production
  • manage buyer-furnished equipment from purchase through production
  • manage purchase orders
  • manage warranty claims and returns
  • manage the parts receiving and inspection process
  • translate requests for proposal from Excel to existing mainframe systems
  • create and modify spare parts catalogs
  • manage requests for work to the prototype shop
  • manage vendor data sheets and notices of change
  • manage requests for 3D printing
  • manage the engineering document repository
  • manage win/loss data


  • messaging & collaboration infrastructure upgrades
  • messaging & collaboration licensing
  • messaging & collaboration migration to the cloud

Manufacturing involves a complex system of processes, each of which must be carefully monitored and managed. Workflow provides and integrates the tools you need to move things smoothly from marketing and sales to design and engineering to production to logistics and fulfillment. Ask about our robust library of business processes we’ve automated for companies throughout the manufacturing industry.