CAST Inc. deploys AWS cloud failover and backup solution

CAST Inc. (http://www.cast-inc.com) focuses on developing, distributing, and supporting semiconductor intellectual property (IP) products that reduce costs and enable quicker time to market for producers of electronic products.

CAST is a long-term user of HCL Domino/Notes systems. After assessing upgrade and modernization plans, they decided to implement an AWS cloud-based approach to provide system redundancy and backup. Workflow Studios assisted in deploying two EC2 instances running Domino that synchronize via replication. One instance also performs an automated backup (via cron job) to AWS S3 storage infrastructure for all NSF, NTF, ini and ID files. Data is encrypted at rest with a retention lifecycle that retires older files to AWS Glacier for cheaper, long-term storage.

CAST Inc. is happy with this low-cost solution in that it provides several key benefits:

  • A secondary cloud-based Domino server that can be accessed in the event of a service interruption to primary servers
  • An easy to implement/manage backup solution without specialized backup software requirements
  • Redundant 99.999999999% reliable, off-site backup of data
  • Automated file retention policies with even cheaper long-term data storage.

For CAST Inc. contact information, please contact sales@workflowstudios.com for arrangements.