Traditional infrastructure practices have the majority of all systems on-site at company locations or at company-owned (or leased) data centers. This is still a valid model for many small and medium sized businesses. However, maintaining systems in this way carries the challenges of staying current, preventing unauthorized access, balancing traffic & utilization, and maintaining backup & restore capability.

Our decades of experience with IBM software and services puts us in a unique position to establish or maintain your system efficiently. New features that come out with each version often require trained consultants to implement them for you. Our certified consultants can simplify these implementations to keep your business running at peak performance with Domino/Notes, Tivoli, and a wide variety of other IBM-direct software and third party products. Read more about our IBM offerings for Infrastructure.

Every company needs a way of authenticating their end users to their computers. Protecting against probing by malware creators at your perimeter is an endless effort, so keeping your AD infrastructure up to date is imperative. Microsoft’s Active Directory is the system most commonly used to accomplish this. Our experience upgrading these infrastructure necessities can make its implementation a seamless transition for you. Read more about our Microsoft offerings for Infrastructure.

The benefits of cloud implementations have their roots in virtualization of your servers locally. As mentioned earlier, the local model is still a valid one to pursue. The ability to take snapshots of your standardized servers to ease deployment of new servers, and decommissioning of the same, can take many hours off the time traditionally required to implement one-off hardware. Also, the ability to add and subtract memory and processing power on-demand (or programmatically, based on utilization) to servers that need it is valuable in keeping your enterprise running smoothly while ironing out peak demands on the servers.

Every on-premises infrastructure needs peripheral systems to perform backups, protect against fringe attacks, and load-balance traffic. Whether tape drive systems integration is what you need, or messaging hygiene configuration is the solution to your troubles, we can help you implement or maintain these complementary systems.