capitol building


County and local municipalities are some of our longest-standing customers. Attention to privacy and strict security controls are of the utmost concern as we work to optimize workflow, all the while ensuring that public spending is kept within reasonable boundaries.



  • job application referral management
  • timesheet integration with hours reporting system
  • web-based docket calendars for civil court
  • capital projects planning and expenditure management
  • GIS integration
  • online payment systems for utility bills, tickets, etc.
  • event management
  • mobile-based code enforcement


  • messaging & collaboration infrastructure upgrades
  • messaging & collaboration licensing
  • mobile device integration with existing messaging systems

The systems and structures of municipal government are built on a distinct set of rules and processes. 20 years of experience working in this unique environment has given Workflow uncommon insight into the specific needs of local government, police departments, school systems, and other organizations committed to public service. Click below to find out how we can make that experience work for you.