Amazon Web Services isn’t new, it just feels that way as new service capabilities are constantly being added.  Here’s what they announced in 2018 alone. Workflow began seriously adopting AWS strategies in 2014 and has been a partner since 2016. We’ve helped migrate many customer workloads and, more importantly, helped customers see the value in creating a cloud-based approach to problem-solving.

When customers ask us about AWS, there are some common topics that come up:

  • Is it secure?
  • Do you really save money?
  • Is approach any different than just co-locating a VM at a datacenter?
  • Is it feasible to integrate on-prem systems and AWS resources?
  • Is it worth it (ROI) to change how I operate to use AWS approaches?
  • Is there anything I could do at AWS that is a giant advance over my current capabilities?

The answer to these questions is a resounding, YES!  We’d be happy to provide more detailed answers and explanations to those questions and more, but you don’t have to take our word for it…there are numerous case studies at AWS, and a couple of our own, Logisticorp and CAST Inc.

Potentially interested in what kinds of opportunities might exist for leveraging AWS? Here’s a list of things that are hot right now (Q1 2019):

  • Using AI-driven Lex bots on your website to provide product/support info to customers
  • Consolidating user desktop images and running them from AWS Workspaces
  • Writing serverless web applications that can be served to multiple regions around the world with failover and auto-scaling
  • Migrating Oracle and MS databases to AWS RDS to improve accessibility and eliminate admin overhead
  • Eliminating costly Oracle/MS licensing by migrating those dbs to Aurora on RDS
  • Creating mobile user management platform with Cognito integrated with federated AD in the cloud 
  • Streaming IOT device data to cloud and use event-driven analytics to power the AWS Quicksight dashboard for users
  • Migrating expensive Hadoop clusters to cheap S3 data lakes with both traditional and AI analytics

Workflow Studios examines current operations to determine which AWS services provide the most value, and then implements those solutions. We also onboard customers with AWS accounts, and consolidate AWS, MS, and IBM cloud service bills into a single dashboard in the account management portal.

In Workflow’s opinion, AWS is the most exciting and valuable toolset to come along in a generation. We welcome the opportunity to help your organization realize the AWS vision of how computing should be done.

               CLOUD MIGRATION