Notes / Domino

If it wasn’t for Lotus Notes, Workflow Studios would not exist! Our one-man Lotus Notes development consultancy has evolved, yet a core competency of Notes admin, development, integration and migration remains.

Workflow is proud of our Notes heritage, and are excited about the opportunities Notes 10 provides for even more integration via the Lotusscript HTTP classes and the Node.js. server plugin.

Over the years, Workflow has integrated Notes with just about every technology imaginable—from corporate ERP and financial systems to manufacturing and engineering support, to cloud vendors such as Salesforce and Service Now.

Today, businesses are seeking alternative approaches for Notes, from outsourcing operations to either the IBM Smart Cloud for Notes, or running independently at AWS with Workflow providing migration or operational support. Workflow provides viable solutions to archive or migrate applications to new technologies to match customer requirements and preferences.

There are a number of third-party software partners in the Notes ecosystem with whom we’re proud to work. They provide best of breed solutions for specific Notes problems and Workflow resells and implements them. Here are some of those partners:

  • panagenda MarvelClient
  • Teamwork Solution’s ProcessIt
  • Help Software, Inc’s Power Tools
  • Crossware Mail Signature
  • Swing Software’s Seascape for Notes


Workflow Studios has created a fast-path solution for companies looking for a cloud-based, Disaster Relief and backup solution for their Domino infrastructure.  Click here to learn more.