Selecting the right software for your company’s specific needs can feel overwhelming. Even when you find what looks like the right choice, configuring or customizing it to fit the way your team works can still be a challenge.

So many times, we’ve seen customers prepared to order software for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the vendor, only to find that they were investing in the wrong product or ignoring a program that could save them a quarter of what they were prepared to spend. This is not to mention the downstream costs. When you’re paying a 20% support or renewal fee every year just to maintain the software you’ve licensed, any mistake in the initial purchase will cascade through the years.

The advantage for you in involving Workflow is that we know how to sort through these byzantine programs and determine exactly what your company needs to buy, and how to do it the with the least possible outlay.

Workflow has 15+ years of experience in the collaboration software space. We have seen and used just about every product and system — from big enterprise software by IBM and Microsoft to small, open-source projects like Activiti. What’s more, we understand the licensing and distribution models these companies use and are authorized to resell for many of them. We also know and work with partners that provide 3rd party software tools to complement and enhance these big-vendor products.

A software vendor only wants to sell you their product…as much of it as they can…for as much as you are willing to pay. At Workflow, our motivation is building a long-term IT partnership through which we can, over the years, continue to provide services and find solutions appropriate to your business as it changes and grows.

For a complete (and ever growing) list of the software tools we can resell, recommend or have experience with, and to find out how we can engage them to help you, click here

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