Domino V10 Post-Event Announcements and Offers

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Thank you for registering and/or attending the Dallas V10 Launch event! There were a lot of announcements and offers, so we’ve briefly summarized them here and provided links for more information.

1. Destination Domino

This must-bookmark IBM site provides the most up-to-date information from IBM about Notes/Domino. Find announcements, newsletters, early access programs, technical guides, customer testimonials, and much more.


2. Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC)

This new service enables customers to take their applications to IBM managed servers in the same manner that SmartCloud enables offloading of email responsibilities. They offer various cost-effective solutions. You can “Bring Your Own License” (BYOL) or “Pay Per App Per Month” (PAPM). View more here:


3. PickaForm

While not widely communicated by IBM yet, business managers can use PickaForm to build Domino web applications through a browser interface rather than relying on developers to create apps in Domino Designer. While IBM hasn’t rolled out a dedicated site for leveraging PickaForm with DAC, you can see how PickaForm works by using the website link below. For a more detailed explanation of making this work with DAC, contact us, and we’ll walk you through the process. Additional note: PickaForm is also available as on premise software for your own environment.


4. Licensing DEAL!

As revealed at the Launch Event and on the Destination Domino website, there is a significant deal to take advantage of in Q4 2018. Right now, you can get 50% off reinstatement and 20% off new/additional licenses. These offers will only be available during the 4th quarter, so take advantage while you can! Contact Sue at Workflow ( for details on these offers and other IBM licensing deals.


5. IBM Domino AppDev Pack

This early access program allows you to sign up and download the components for Node.js integration with Domino. Anyone can sign up for the program. Some of the stunning demos at the Launch event used this new capability for integration with Domino databases. * Requires sign-up for a free IBM id to access


6. IBM Domino Mobile Apps

This is another early access program for running Notes applications on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. This program offers “no-touch” application transfer for apps to run on mobile devices. This allows many applications to be immediately available to the mobile workforce. * Requires sign-up for a free IBM id to access


7. Watson Workspace Dallas Domino Space:

As announced by Pete Phillips at the Dallas Launch event, we have put together a Watson Workspace “Space” dedicated to the Dallas community. This virtual user group is a place to ask questions about Domino, request information on where resources are located, and share ideas/information about how to use the technology. We welcome you to participate in this space! You will need a free IBM website account, which many of you already have. In order to join, contact Sue at Workflow Studios ( and provide your IBM id to request access. Look forward to chatting with you there.


8. Workflow Studios newsletter signup, Domino V10 Power:

With all the new capabilities of Domino V10, Workflow Studios has decided to produce a monthly newsletter & webinar series called Domino V10 Power. In this series, we will share ways to take advantage of Domino V10’s new capabilities. Our first item is a deep dive into the demonstrations shown at the Launch Events…what they are doing, the technologies involved, and the techniques used to bring about integration. Please sign up for our newsletter to get notified about these upcoming events. (newsletter sign-up is located at the bottom of the homepage)

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