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Augmented Reality 101: What It Means for the Future of Business

As humans, we have certain perceptions of our world and how it’s supposed to work. When you look in a mirror, you expect…
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Taming the Internet of Things with the Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) – a concept almost as loose in definition as the two terms that make it up:  “Internet”, which…
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The World of Data, as We Know It

Every year, human beings and our machines generate more data than we ever have before.  We’ve all heard the famous estimation from Eric Schmidt when…
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What type of remote worker are you? [Infographic]

Editor’s note: This post and infographic were created by our friends at Allied Telecom. For more and more workers, going into the “office”…
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What the Biggest Data Breaches in Retail Have Taught Us about Cybersecurity

With the holiday season upon us, much attention turns to the retail sector, which is expected to see unprecedented activity as shoppers in…
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How to Win by Moving to the Cloud: Lessons from the Movies

In our post last month, we highlighted several reasons why more and more companies are choosing to migrate to cloud-based business platforms.  To…
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