SavaSeniorCare Case Study - IT Infrastructure Solution

"Workflow Studios is always there, no matter what. They get things done." – Marcie K. Vantrease, Senior Messaging and Collaboration Administrator


About SavaSeniorCare

SavaSeniorCare is a rehabilitation and long-term healthcare company operating about 200 facilities in over 20 states. The company provides clinical and rehab services to some 9,000 residents at any given time.

The Challenge

From a support perspective, Sava’s model for IT comprised of a central hub in Houston responsible for supporting the rest of the facilities nationwide. With no on-site IT professionals at any of the other facilities spread across the country, the Houston team was left responsible for each and every center. It was this distance and lack of connection that drove Sava to realize there could be a better solution for achieving the collaboration they needed to grow.

It was clear that finding the right technology and preparing for a seamless migration was beyond their in-house capabilities. SavaSeniorCare needed a partner with IT expertise, a commitment to understanding their goals, and a proven track record getting things done. Workflow Studios had the know-how and product knowledge to provide IBM® SmartCloud™ and a thorough migration plan.

The Partnership

The relationship between Workflow Studios and SavaSeniorCare began in July 2007. Workflow Studios took SavaSeniorCare through their CommonStore implementation for better email and storage management.

From the CommonStore implementation through today, Workflow Studios has been a reliable partner for SavaSeniorCare, providing solutions that support growth tactics and problem-solving a variety of projects along the way. When the healthcare company was searching for a collaborative platform, but wasn’t sure which technologies could meet their needs and offer a seamless migration, they reached out to Workflow Studios once again.

The Solution

For the kind of collaborative tools SavaSeniorCare demanded, the IBM® SmartCloud™, was a great fit for many reasons. First, the technology offers features for monitoring the health and performance of a private cloud infrastructure. It also supports environments containing both physical and virtualized components. These are features that simply don’t exist with on-premise software.

Additionally, to meet SavaSeniorCare’s rapidly expanding needs, it was pivotal to obtain cloud-based tools for smarter, easier, and enhanced communication through email, calendar, contact management, and instant messenger.

Lastly, the software empowers SavaSeniorCare facilities to leverage their growing communities within their business infrastructure. By enabling teams to more easily work together across their countrywide network, the SavaSeniorCare team can effectively provide their important senior care services.

The Process

Once the solution was in place, the SavaSeniorCare executive team made it clear that the migration needed to be seamless. At the start, Workflow Studios sat down with SavaSeniorCare stakeholders and ironed out the upcoming processes and procedures to finalize a plan for how the system should work at completion, how much data would migrate, and what was to be expected throughout the migration.

The companies went through all of the various options and settings for how the collaborative tools could work, which would make sharing and working across the various locations and time zones more efficient.

With resourceful archiving and careful email migration, SavaSeniorCare has enjoyed a smooth transition with major stakeholders not missing a beat. As the system is further integrated into business operations, Sava SeniorCare believes the tools will greatly impact business productivity.

"The greatest strength is the total integration of the entire solution that allows you to communicate in a proper method." – John Leavenworth, Senior IT Consultant

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