Rug Doctor Case Study - Office 365 Migration (Q&A style) 

About Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor is the industry leader when it comes to portable cleaning machines. They provide cleaning machines to both residential and commercial customers from over 30,000 rental locations.

What problems did you face before working with Workflow Studios? What were the issues? What wasn’t working and why?

No problems, as a company we wanted to get on Office 365 for a more flexible offline working environment.  Also to change our email to Exchange through Office 365 to have a more compatible email platform.

How did Workflow Studios help you address these problems? What specific solution did they come up with for you?

WFS being very knowledgable of our Lotus Notes environment and being MS partners in Office 365 brought a unique perspective to our migration needs.

How did you hear about Workflow Studios? How long have you been working with them?

Long time business partner for over 10 years

What other solutions had you considered? Why did you end up choosing Workflow Studios?

Because of our working relationship with them as a company and because of their knowledge of our Lotus Notes environment.

What was your experience like working with Workflow Studios? How did you work together to develop a solution?

The experience was and is great and the plan development was about 14 days.

Workflow Studios states that they are “passionate about making it happen”? Do you agree? How did they show their passion? How did they show their problem solving skills?

WFS was very passionate in that they made sure each person, their side and our side, stayed on schedule so we would meet our deadlines for the migration.

What has your experience with customer service been? What kind of support have they provided?

WFS provides ongoing support with our email environment.

How did you customize the solution to your business needs?

We wanted to migrate all mail from our Lotus Notes environment so that when the user began using Office 365 Exchange, their mailbox would look just as it did in Lotus Notes.

What is your favorite feature of the solution Workflow Studios provided? What is the greatest strength of the solution?

The continuity of the two email systems, old and new.  All folders and mailboxes were identical so there was no “hunting” for a piece of email.

How has the solution affected your business? What results have you seen since implementation?

Has really increased our offline productivity.

How is the solution affordable to maintain and operate? How has the solution contributed to the success of your business?

The Office 365 environment is more expensive, however we now have corporate email for all 600 employees, which we did not have in our Lotus Notes environment.  By having all company employees with email, we have reduced HR cost in all the mailings that were having to send out.

About Workflow Studios

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