Watson Workspace

Look at your phone now, you probably have several messaging apps running, none of which are interconnected and all of which are probably using keywords in a profile you’ve created to bring you content. Workflow Studios uses Watson Workspace to cut through this chaos. IBM has natively integrated their AI capability into something more than a chat program as a natural extension of the worker experience. It uses Watson’s ingestion and discovery capabilities to bring multiple information streams into play. And it is not specific to any single line of industry, it is completely agnostic in that regard, so any enterprise can take advantage of this capability.

Imagine if each person in your company had their very own personal assistant. The possibility becomes reality with the introduction of IBM’s AI integrated platform - Watson Workspace.The power of IBM Watson Workspace makes daily work tasks easier and workplace collaboration seamless. Watson’s cognitive integration cuts through the noise, so individuals and teams can reach better and faster outcomes.

Using cognitive API’s, Watson understands conversations, learns from actions then presents the right tools to quickly complete tasks. Watson welcomes app integration with IBM and 3rd party technologies, so there is no more switching back and forth between programs. Workspaces become more efficient when teammates, tools, and files are housed in a centralized location.

Watson intelligently organizes group chats, one-on-one direct messaging, and file sharing with an easily locatable search feature. Run into a problem? Room templates jumpstart conversations and get progress moving in the right direction. Feeling behind? Watson Moments is there to summarize what is happening and highlights what’s important. Even better, your personal “Watson Assistant” can be accessed anywhere at anytime through the Watson app.

Want to know more about this innovative technology? Check out the capabilities of integrating Mezzanine and Watson workspace for immersive collaboration experience and unmatched cognitive abilities here.



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