Sometimes you need temporary workers to carry out projects, fill in short-term absences of full-time employees, or bulk up an existing team during peak times of a roll out of new features, functions, or programs in your company. Calling on Workflow lets you avoid a lengthy hiring process and the payroll costs often associated with finding and hiring such additional staff. Our model gives you the elasticity to bring in more highly skilled talent than you might normally be able to retain and, in the case of new features, functions and programs, we take on the work of getting things rolling and then transitioning the day-to-day operation back to your internal teams.

Consider the following benefits of choosing to implement staff augmentation through Workflow Studios:

  • Cost – pay for the right skills at the right time; avoid year-long, full-time implications
  • Adaptability – demonstrate your ability to increase the intensity of your staff’s impact
  • Priority – maintain total control over the most important work while delegating minor tasks
  • Risk – keep power, control, and oversight with your team by not outsourcing in entirety
  • Shrink – your teams remain right-sized as you face the inevitable “train and lose” talent scenario

If these benefits appeal to you and your business, contact us to find out how our highly trained technical consultants can elevate your team.

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