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Oblong was founded in 2006 with the goal of delivering a better human-computer interface. They are a company of designers, programmers, hardware engineers, and problem-solvers applying human-centered design principles to a full stack approach of technology development. They are working on the most interesting thing they can think of, which is how to make computers more flexible, capable, useful, interactive, and empowering for humans working together on the advancement of business, government, education and culture.

Workflow Studios was introduced to Oblong by joint participation in IBM partner programs promoting enterprise collaboration. We have a long partner history with IBM. As a specialty IT business, we are laser focused on making companies more productive and efficient through proper use of software tools. For over a decade, we’ve been helping people in all sorts of industries share information, streamline business processes and make better business decisions.

Oblong Mezzanine

We see that Sci-fi technology comes to life with the introduction of Oblong’s visual collaboration platform, Mezzanine. Mezzanine creates a visually immersive meeting space for teams of all sizes to collaborate on their most important projects. For the first time, team members have real-time access to share and view multiple streams of data from numerous devices in one place. This improves teamwork by equipping each team member with the information they need to contribute in a fluid and dynamic manner. When team members are able to see numerous pieces of data in the same way, at the same time, they can make quicker and more informed decisions.

Mezzanine is available to rooms of all sizes offering a brilliant multi-screen collaboration opportunity. Now you can spatially organize and manipulate content like never before. Part of a decentralized workforce? Mezzanine is not only for centralized team members. Remote workers can come together and see exactly what others are working on. No more sharing files and waiting for a team member to find and open it.

Oblong is changing how the most innovative and creative organizations collaborate and complete tasks. The multi-screen workspace immerses participants into a truly one of a kind meeting experience that starts with each users’ personal device. Mezzanine has the power to renovate digital business consulting for one-of-kind client experiences, modernize the design to manufacturing process in product production, and revolutionizes the way individuals in healthcare and pharmaceuticals share invaluable information.

Want to know more about this innovative technology? Check out the capabilities of integrating Mezzanine and Watson Workspace for immersive collaboration experience and unmatched cognitive abilities here.



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